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YETI Rambler 64 oz Bottle with Chug Cap – Canopy Green


Rambler 64 oz Bottle with Chug Cap


Canopy Green

64 oz



4 in stock


4 in stock

A bigger bottle for days on the ranch or boat.

The Rambler® 64 oz. (1.893 L) Bottle is the long-haul water hauler for adventures without pitstops. Call upon this bottle for ice-cold sips of H20 when the temps soar over 30 °C, and don’t worry about condensation making your hands slip. This baby is engineered with a No Sweat™ exterior, which means you’ll be the only one breaking a sweat. With 64 ounces (1.893 L) (that’s your daily eight, everybody), this water tower to go is perfect for keeping you (and your dog) hydrated on the move.

Note: Do not use the Rambler® Bottle Chug Cap with carbonated beverages or for storage of food or perishables. Learn more about product use and safety on our

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