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Tink’s Doe-P Hot Shot Gel Stream Synthetic 5oz.


Hot Shot Gel Stream Synthetic 5oz.



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7 in stock

When it’s all on the line, it’s #1 Doe-P® Time! Tink’s® #1 Doe-P Synthetic Non-Estrous Mist perfectly replicates our famous #1 Doe-P formula. Best used during the early and late season, #1 Doe-P creates a calming effect on deer by simulating a doe is in the area so not only will you not alert whitetail, but you can ensure that they will move freely through the woods and right by your stand.

Tink’s® #1 Doe-P® – Hot Shot® Gel Stream Synthetic 5oz.

  • 5 oz. Hot Shot® Can
  • Long-Range Attraction: Shoots 10-foot streams of scent-infused gel that stays active longer.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: Reactivates with moisture and won’t dry keeping you in the stand longer.
  • All-Season Lure: Attracts both buck and doe.
  • Calming Scent: Synthetic non-estrous doe urine simulates a Doe in the area and creates a calming effect for whitetail.
  • Pure Lure: 100% pure scent with no propellant.
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