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Rack Stacker Mineral Fountain Glory 10 lb (pail)

Rack Stacker

Mineral Fountain Glory 10 lb (pail)



4 in stock


4 in stock

The pail is pre-drilled with precise holes and comes with 10 lbs of Glory Mineral. This setup is known to last up to 1 full year in the Spring/Summer rains. The rain simply runs down the tree throughout the year, constantly replenishing the mineral. All you need to do is top it up when the pail is empty. Adding 5 lbs more in the fall will help bring traveling deer in for a look.

Glory has the bases of Blaze mineral but is geared towards bucks and their antler development. Higher levels of Phosphorus and Calcium will aid in skeletal development in bucks, hence increasing the opportunity to have larger antlers over time.

The sweet smell that we add to Glory Mineral will bring them in from a long ways out as the wind blows by its location.

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