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Rack Stacker It Takes Guts – Raspberry

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Rack Stacker

It Takes Guts



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10 in stock

Simple, effective spray that is very strong smelling and great to spray at a bait site to bring in the bears.

We like to use It Takes Guts (ITG) when we’re either setting up a bait or when we sit down to hunt at a bait. The convenient spray bottle allows you to carry it in your backpack and spray as high as 12′ up a tree when you get to your stand.

The concentrated scent from our spray helps peak the curiosity of the bear and make him come in during daylight hours.

ITG is a product that is to be sprayed into the air, around and on a tree or foliage upwind of your hunting location and is fantastic as a cover scent sprayed on boots or pant legs when going to and from your stand.

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