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Rack Stacker Heavy Weight Mineral – 25 Kg

Rack Stacker

Heavy Weight Mineral



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2 in stock

Heavy Weight is the best mineralattractant for Elk and Moose and has even been known to bring in Whitetail Deer, and Mulies.

Start by pouring Rack Stacker Heavy Weight Big Game Mineral on a rotten stump or logs. It will be absorbed into the log to keep moose and elk coming back for more. Heavy Weight delivers simple and effective results in a short time and works as soon as you put it out.

Heavy Weight has been fortified with essential Vitamins and Minerals the big game animals will need throughout the year and will start to show full potential when feeding on it regularly.

We have also added intense flavouring of Anise, (also known as Black Liquorice) so that not only the smell of the product is awesome but the taste of it will keep them coming back for more.

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