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Rack Stacker Fixation 5 lb

UPC: 874260000052

Rack Stacker

Fixation 5 lb



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3 in stock

Improve your chances this season with a blend of high protein ingredients and an intense Apple aroma that will draw deer in from extreme distances.

  • Resealable bag for multiple use
  • Maximum drawing power using roasted ingredients and apple flavouring
  • Convenient 5 lb bag to carry in your pack while hunting
  • Perfect for Bow hunting and Gun hunting

Deer will paw at the ground looking for more after Fixation is gone. Zip it up and save rest for later. OR Mix this one 5lb bag with a 100lbs of mixed Grains to enhance the attractiveness of the feed and keep them coming back for more. Also works great when added to apples.

Directions for Attracting:

Pour 6-8 inch strips 50-60 yards in front of your stand while hunting. If you’re bow hunting, place multiple 6-8 inch strips 20 yards away in your shooting lane for maximum performance. Alternative attracting option, throw entice at your desired shooting distance to spread the scent in the area.

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