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Rack Stacker Black Bear Munchies w added sugar 40lb

UPC: 874260002254

Rack Stacker

Black Bear Munchies w added sugar 40lb



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Out of stock

Black Bear Munchies with ADDED SUGAR is made up of sweet morsels that will keep the bears around a desired area and feed them till you come back.

When combined with the Roller Bear-al and other products like It Takes Guts and Slop, its a sure way to fill your tag and put meat on the table for your family.

The Rack Stacker Guy likes to put 80lbs in a roller Bear-al and it lasts up to 2 weeks on average, depending on the amount of bears hitting the spot.


A Roller Bear-al is made of a barrel, 5- offset 3/4″ holes (no bigger) in the barrel so that the bears can roll it around and get small pieces out at a time, holding them at the site. It also helps with presenting a quartering away shot as the bear will consistently move around the site for the hunter.

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