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Primos Predator Truth Pak Predator Calls


Predator Truth Pak



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1 in stock

Primos Predator Master Pack gives you all the tools you need to start calling in predators, including the latest Truth Calling All Coyotes to get your adrenaline pumping before your next hunt

  • Predator Master Pak contains: ”The Truth®: Calling All Coyotes” DVD, a Hot Dog call and Ki-Yi call

  • Hot Dog Call is a super loud, great locator call that is versatile enough to create distress calls of birds, cottontails, jackrabbits, pups, fawns and adult deer

  • Ki-Yi Call comes from the sound of an injured dog, which produces raspy distress calls; the removable mouthpiece produces fawn, pup whines to rabbit screams

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