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Make Your Own Jerky – Original Blend Jerky Cure & Seasoning

Hi Mountain Seasonings

Original Blend Jerky Cure & Seasoning



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3 in stock

Hi Mountain Original Blend Low Sodium Jerky Kit is the same as Original Blend with 50% less salt – and created so you can make the world’s greatest homemade jerky. Use with beef, wild game, poultry, fish, or any meat you choose. Each kit seasons up to 15 lbs. of whole muscle meat or 10 lbs. of ground meat.

Kit includes one package of cure, one package of seasoning, a shaker bottle for easy mixing and detailed instructions.

Ingredients: Salt, spice, garlic powder and spice extractives, soy sauce powder [(wheat, soybeans, salt), maltodextrin, salt] and less than 2% soybean oil (refined to be allergen free) and silicon dioxide to prevent caking. Cure: Salt, sugar, sodium nitrite (.85%), caramel color.

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