Lansky Double-Sided Diamond Benchstone Medium/Fine


Double-Sided Diamond Benchstone Medium/Fine



5 in stock


5 in stock

Key Features:

– Medium Grit (280) Green Side

– Fine Grit (600) Blue Side

– Non-slip Base

– 100% Uninterrupted Diamond Coating

– Screw Holes in base for bench mounting

The full edge-to-edge uninterrupted diamond surfaces on the benchstones make for quicker, more efficient sharpening, at a high value.

The green, Medium side (280 grit) will quickly recondition your blades, removing substantial amounts of material from your blade to re-define its edge.  The blue Fine side (600 grit) will produce and maintain a micro-serrated working edge, polishing away the marks from lower grit stones.  The 600 grit stone produces a working edge that is adequate for nearly any task, especially cardboard cutting.

A perfect addition to any craftsman’s workshop, the diamond abrasives on the benchstones are excellent for repairing and maintaining a large range of tools from dull and damaged kitchen knives, to well maintained woodworking chisels.

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